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Barnaby Bright Stops By WNKU For A Visit

Jul 10, 2012

Barnaby Bright stopped by the WNKU studios on July 10th, 2012 to talk about their music! Stop what you are doing a listen to what they had to say here!

Jayne Sachs Graces WNKU's Studio

Jun 26, 2012

Jayne Sachs, our neighbor in Dayton, Ohio was able to visit WNKU's studio before performing at PNC's Acoustic Thursday on Fountain Square. WNKU's Elaine Diehl enjoyed her music, as well as her company. The two discuss the wonderful world of songwriting, and the effects of motherhood on motivation, and writer's block.  

Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band Visit WNKU

Jun 26, 2012

Reverend Peyton and his Big Damn Band had quite the Cincinnati-area schedule last week. On Wednesday the new album, Between the Ditches, landed on our Wednesday Night Premiers show, and Friday the whole gang made a pit-stop in our studio before hopping on 275 to head to Paddlefest.

Equipped with their sense of humor, and high energy playing, they showcased three of their brand new tunes. The line up included; Big Blue Chevy '72, Something for Nothing , and Devils Look Like Angels. 

Jon Langford and Company; Skull Orchard Visit WNKU

Jun 8, 2012

Gary Keegan spent some time with Jon Langford and the members of Skull Orchard on the first of June. The painter and musician, along his gang were able to play a few tunes for us including 1234ever, before their big show at MOTR.  Langford began behind the drum kit for The Mekons, but was out in front with a guitar by the time the band recorded its masterpiece, Fear and Whiskey, often credited as the first alternative country album. He discussed more about that unique term, alternative country, with WNKU's Gary Keegan.

Irish Lovin' from The Elders

Jun 8, 2012

Many laughs were shared when The Elders paid WNKU's John Patrick, a visit last week. The group shared several stories about their annual returns to front-man Ian Byrne's home in Wicklow, Ireland to perform. Byrne and his American counterparts make up the group, The Elders, who greatly enjoy the challenge of describing their unique sound. The Elders have achieved a very unique sound, and an equally difficult task  is describing exactly what it is that they play.