Sara Watkins

Five songs into Wednesday night’s Dawes show, Taylor Goldsmith asked how many in the crowd of about 300 had seen the band before. Maybe a third or so whooped and hollered in response.

“This is for the first-timers,” the band’s frontman said before the Los Angeles  foursome tore into an incendiary version of “When My Time Comes” from its first album, “North Hills,” at the Taft Theatre Ballroom.

The time had come to dial up the intensity. 

Sara Watkins  stopped by the WNKU studio with her brother Sean to play a few songs from her new album,  Sun Midnight Sun. She is on tour currently in support of her second solo release after 20 years with Nickel Creek. Sara even did some work on John Mayer's new album, Born and Raised, released this May.