Tiny Desk Concerts
2:02 pm
Mon February 3, 2014

Pixies: Tiny Desk Concert

John W. Poole John W. Poole

Originally published on Mon February 3, 2014 2:48 pm

The windowsills were lined with people standing, as every nook between every office desk filled to capacity with NPR employees and their assorted guests. Pixies, after getting misplaced for a time in our parking garage during a moment worthy of This Is Spinal Tap, showed up in time to encounter the largest crowd we've ever assembled for a Tiny Desk Concert. (Our new office space allows for more guests than the old one did, but it's still a mark of this band's significance for so many youthful grownups.)

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Music Interviews
7:53 am
Sun February 2, 2014

Music For Folks Who've Been Through A Few Things

Originally published on Mon February 3, 2014 11:57 am



Shelby Earl always loved music, and straight out of college in Seattle, she went to work in the music industry. She worked as a booking agent, then at a record label, an eventually at Amazon's music department.

SHELBY EARL: So, all of those little blurbs you see all over the music page on Amazon - those are written by people. And I was one such person.

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Music Articles
12:48 pm
Sat February 1, 2014

Sing Out: A Concert Celebration Of Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger in New York City. 2009.
Steve Mack FilmMagic

Originally published on Sat February 1, 2014 3:47 pm

Pete Seeger was a lanky banjo player who showed up at every rally, every singalong, every town meeting, for as long as anyone could remember. He came singing songs of dissent; songs that helped to find the courage to change.

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11:56 am
Sat February 1, 2014

The Front Porch Remembers Pete Seeger

Image borrowed from
Hans Pennick AP Photo

Last Monday night, the world lost one of the most influential and iconic singer-songwriters of all time.  Pete Seeger died in his sleep at the age of 94.  Known as much for his activism as he was for penning some of America's most beloved folk songs, Pete Seeger inspired countless musicians through his life's work.  While Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and Joan Baez are just a few of his more obvious proteges, it would likely be easier to come up with a list of American musicians who were not influenced by Seeger rather than those who were.  

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10:03 am
Sat February 1, 2014

The Jersey-Boardwalk Sound Of Nicole Atkins

Originally published on Mon February 3, 2014 11:57 am



Nicole Atkins is a New Jersey artist with a voice that has been compared to Patsy Cline, Janis Joplin and Roy Orbison - that's quite a trio - all rolled into one.


NICOLE ATKINS: (Singing) I first saw you (unintelligible), from my (unintelligible) down for me...

SIMON: A voice that could melt the heart of a devil. Sense of humor dryer than a drought. Nicole Atkins's latest album is called "Slow Phaser." She joins us from our studios in New York. Thanks so much for being with us.

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Music Interviews
9:29 am
Sat February 1, 2014

Sam Cooke And The Song That 'Almost Scared Him'

Sam Cooke in 1964, performing on the ABC variety show Shindig! just a few months before his death that December.
ABC Photo Archives Getty Images

Originally published on Sat February 1, 2014 6:45 pm

Fifty years ago this week, Sam Cooke strolled into a recording studio, put on a pair of headphones, and laid down the tracks for one of the most important songs of the civil rights era.

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Song Travels
2:53 pm
Fri January 31, 2014

Elaine Stritch On 'Song Travels'

Elaine Stritch.
Astrid Stawiarz Getty Images

Three-time Emmy winner Elaine Stritch became a star on Broadway before going on to play a string of highly regarded film and television roles. She recently played Colleen, mother of Alec Baldwin's character Jack Donaghy, on the hit sitcom 30 Rock.

After more than 40 years in New York, Elaine Stritch moved home to Michigan not long ago. But before leaving town, she sat down with host Michael Feinstein for an episode of Song Travels full of hilarious music and candid talk about her life and career in the spotlight.

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2:41 pm
Thu January 30, 2014

'Spirit Of Family' Unites Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Darren Phillip Jones

Originally published on Mon February 3, 2014 11:58 am

For fans of world music, South Africa's Ladysmith Black Mambazo needs no introduction.

The group has been singing a capella together for 50 years, brought together by Joseph Shabalala, a young farmhand turned factory worker from the town of Ladysmith. He had a dream of tight vocal harmonies and messages of peace.

That dream developed, and the band came to the attention of Paul Simon, who had it record "Homeless" on his album Graceland. It introduced the group to the world.

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CD of the Month
8:32 am
Thu January 30, 2014

Hard Working Americans, "Hard Working Americans"

The CD of the Month for February comes to you from Hard Working Americans, a new band formed by Todd Snider, Dave Schools (from Widespread Panic!), Duane Trucks, and more. It's titled "Hard Working Americans"



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Live Music
7:57 am
Thu January 30, 2014

Willie Nelson Joins Headliners at Buckle Up Music Festival

Willie Nelson, Jamey Johnson, and The Railers have just been announced as the latest additions to the Buckle Up Music Festival - the new three-day country music festival established by the organizers of Bunbury Music Festival.

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