Tiny Desk Concerts
3:01 pm
Mon January 5, 2015

Trey Anastasio: Tiny Desk Concert

Susan Hale Thomas NPR

Originally published on Tue January 6, 2015 8:09 am

He came so humble, holding his acoustic guitar and wearing his heart on his sleeve. Trey Anastasio isn't new to NPR: Concerts of his have even included "All Things Reconsidered," a variation on the All Things Considered theme.

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Music Interviews
8:08 am
Sun January 4, 2015

Songs From The Obituaries Are 'The Afterneath'

Originally published on Mon January 5, 2015 1:21 am

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4:31 pm
Thu January 1, 2015

The Top 89 of 2014

Presenting, the Top 89 albums of 2014 as voted on by our listeners.  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below, but please keep it friendly.  We know how these lists can get.  And remember, these were voted on by our listeners. If you didn't vote, you can't complain!

Congratulations to real-deal good-guy, Paul Thorn on landing the top spot with "Too Blessed to be Stressed" - a former CD of the Month.  It truly could not have happened to a nicer guy!

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The Record
7:03 am
Tue December 30, 2014

A Rational Conversation: Neal Brennan On What The Hell Happened This Year

Neal Brennan.
Courtesy of Neal Brennan

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Music Interviews
1:56 pm
Mon December 29, 2014

At 90, 'Fiddler' Lyricist Tells His Story

Originally published on Mon December 29, 2014 2:44 pm

"Any successful lyricist has to be part playwright and has to be able to put himself into the minds and the hearts and the souls of the characters," Sheldon Harnick tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross.

Originally broadcast April 30.

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7:39 am
Sun December 28, 2014

Remembering Joe Cocker, One Of Rock's Most Distinctive Voices

Originally published on Sun December 28, 2014 10:20 am

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Music Interviews
8:26 pm
Sat December 27, 2014

John McNeil, A Trumpeter Robbed Of His Breath, Blows Again

Trumpeter John McNeil rejoins Hush Point, a group of friends from New York's jazz scene, on the new album Blues and Reds. Left to right: Jeremy Udden, Anthony Pinciotti, Aryeh Kobrinsky, John McNeil.
Alex Hollock Courtesy of the artist

Originally published on Wed December 31, 2014 10:41 am

John McNeil may be the most important trumpet player you've never heard of.

Many aspiring musicians know him as an educator, through his many instructional books like The Art of Jazz Trumpet. But getting to know McNeil as a performer or recording artist hasn't always been easy: his records could be tough to find.

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Music Interviews
6:22 am
Sat December 27, 2014

For Pieta Brown, Music Is A Father-Daughter Dance

"You guys know that road," Pieta Brown told a crowd in Des Moines earlier this month, describing how a row of Missouri warehouses selling fireworks inspired her song "I Don't Mind."
Clay Masters

Originally published on Sat December 27, 2014 11:10 am

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Music Interviews
4:26 pm
Fri December 26, 2014

A Week With Musical Storytellers Of The Silver Screen

"Canadian culture is so new and almost nonexistent that it's easy for us to see through the eyes of other nations," says Mychael Danna of his scores. Danna won the 2013 Academy Award for his score for Life of Pi.
20th Century Fox

Originally published on Tue January 6, 2015 7:35 pm

This week on All Things Considered, NPR's Robert Siegel spoke with some of film's most thoughtful and high-profile composers — plus an up-and-comer — about what it means to tell a story with music, and how a score can enhance a scene.

We've collected five conversations that you can listen to below. You'll hear about the magic of the Wizard of Oz score, how 5/4 time inspired Halloween's terrifying theme, and why a Canadian says he's become to the go-to composer for films requiring South Asian-inspired soundtracks.

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Music Interviews
9:03 am
Fri December 26, 2014

Sam Baker: Finding Grace In The Wake Of Destruction

Originally published on Mon December 29, 2014 2:39 pm

In 1986, a bomb planted by the Peruvian terrorist group Shining Path exploded in the luggage rack above Sam Baker. Somehow, during his long recovery, songs focused on empathy started coming to him.

Originally broadcast May 6.

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