Your "green umbrella" - those things you do to help protect our environment - is vital to sustaining our community. Green Umbrella is an online community to help you learn about ways to expand your umbrella and track your green activities. You will be able to see your impact on your community and learn how to compare it to your family and friends. You will also discover how much money you are saving along the way.

The Alliance for Leadership and Interconnection forged Cincinnati Public School's Green Schools movement and all CPS schools in phases 3 and 4 will be built LEED certified. Dater Montessori School received an Excellent rating on the Ohio Report Card and has gained another milestone: recognition as Ohio's first public school renovation to achieve LEED Gold certification. The public is invited to Dater for a brief program, "Green School Building Community Education", on Thursday, April 26th, 4:30 pm.

Dedicated to protecting wildlife and wild places, Sharon Negri founded the Mountain Lion Foundation in 1986 and served as it's director until 1990. Today she directs WildFurtures, a non-profit  organization that works to bridge the gap between science and conservation and promotes an understanding of large carnivores through education and community involvement.

Cleaning products like soaps and detergents keep our clothes, dishes and floors looking their best but some of the chemicals found in these products may impact water quality in our streams and rivers. Many soaps and detergents uses phosphates as cleansers. Detergents are soaps made from synthetic materials and have a long history of being loaded with phosphates which help boost their cleaning power. However phosphates my mave harmful effects on rivers, lakes, streams and other sources of fresh water.

If you're thinking of improving the appearance of your pond or adding a pond to your landscape, the Clermont Soil and Water Conservation District will be offering a free pond clinic for county citizens. Topics will include pond maintenance, safety, regulations, stocking, aeration, weed control, hazardous algae, construction, nuisance wildlife, and storm water retention ponds. These ponds you see in many newer subdivisions not only provide a scenic addition to the community landscape, they are also beneficial to the environment.