Community Stories

Cheri Lawson

Jamie and Piper: When we first met we had the same teeth missing. Her two teeth here are curved in and mine are too. And we both like gymnastics a lot. And we like American Girl dolls.

Jamie Benassi and Piper Joseph are biological sisters but have only known each other a little over a year. The girls were separated as embryos a little more than 10 years ago .

The 9 and 10 year olds sit next to each other on Jamie’s bed in Newtown, Ohio talking about their favorite bands, spending the night and going shopping.

courtesy Cincinnati Reds

Pete Rose: “This is an honor you can’t believe how ya feel. Growing up here, always been a Reds fan, always had the most respect for all the Reds players that I was rootin’ for when I was a kid. Most all the guys in the hall of fame that are living today either played with me or against me. And a lot of them played for me.”

courtesy Ollie Kroner, Quincy's dad

Ollie Kroner: The photo itself captures this moment. It’s a precious moment. Then news outlets picked up on it.  ABC news was calling ,Good Morning America was emailing ,CNN, Buzzfeed ,Huffington Post.

Cheri Lawson

Crawford: Joe Walsh played here when he was with the James Gang and Peter Frampton with Humble Pie. Santana played here. Alice Cooper played here. And my understanding from a couple reliable sources he wrote the song I’m Eighteen sitting here in the dressing room.

Cheri Lawson

Tarbell: “What really made it were the people,the volunteers that just showed up  day after day people walking in the door saying you know this is a cool idea . What can we do to help?”

 In the late 1960’s a young Jim Tarbell opened the Ludlow Garage . A music venue with big names performing including BB King, Santana, Grand Funk Railroad and the Allman Brothers to name a few.