Cheri Lawson

"It’s a pretty big deal. There are 30 major league clubs and we are the one that’s hosting this All-Star Game this year." 

12- time All -Star Barry Larkin was a shortstop for the Cincinnati Reds between 1986 and 2004. The Cincinnati native says it’s an honor this game is being hosted in his home town.

Larkin: It kind of touches at your heart. Like this is where I’m from. These are my fans and this is my stadium. You know it becomes a very personal thing at that point.

Cheri Lawson

Melanie Chavez: This city is going to be a non-stop party for 5 days. 

Melanie Chavez is one of the co-chairs of the committee collaborating with the Cincinnati Reds and the Convention and Visitors bureau to get Cincinnati ready for Major League Baseball’s 2015 All -Star Game.

Cheri Lawson

In Cincinnati,Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden talked about the economy and employment.The Vice President made his remarks during the annual meeting of the National Urban League.

Within the conference theme of “One Nation Underemployed,” the Vice President spoke about the need for better job training and increased economic opportunities for all Americans.

The Vice President says there’s a reason for optimism when it comes to job creation. In his words “jobs are coming home.”

One of the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organizations begins its annual conference in Cincinnati Wednesday with events all week including an address by Vice President Joe Biden.WNKU's Cheri Lawson reports it’s the first time the National Urban League will gather in southwest Ohio

Cheri Lawson

One of Cincinnati’s most popular races brought thousands to Cincinnati over the weekend.