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Jan 30 to Feb 3

Feb 8, 2012

BusinessWise for the week of Jan 30 to Feb 3 has Kristine Sturgeon  on young women using the internet for educational purposes, Mike Debbeler on business credit issues,Dean Kolbe on needing more innovations in the classroom, Doug Hall from Eureka Ranch, Linda Woeber on which employees get overtime and Steve Wilson on perspective jobs and the economy.

Jan 30 to Feb 3

Feb 6, 2012

BusinessWise for the week of Jan 30 to Feb 3 has Kristine Sturgeon on young women using the internet for educational purposes, Mike Debbler about business credit issues,Dean Kolbe why education isn't interesting as it should be in the classroom,Doug Hall from Eureka Ranch, Linda Woeber on paying overtime to your employees and  Steve Wilson on jobs and the economy.