Bunbury Festival

This weekend, the 2nd annual Bunbury Music Festival will take place on Cincinnati's riverfront.  Not since Tall Stacks in 2006 have we seen a musical event of this magnitude in Cincinnati. 

Thank you Bill Donabedian. The founder and public face of the Bunbury Music Festival put together a great team that produced a top-notch event in the face of some obstacles. Now, do it again next year – please.

The inaugural Bunbury Music Festival takes place July 13th - 15th at Sawyer Point and Yeatman's Cove.  Bunbury is the brain child of entrepreneur, Bill Donabedian, who's credits include co-founding the Midpoint Music Festival and serving as Fountain Square's first VP of Event Production (so he knows a thing or two about putting on a good show). 

Yahoo has named The Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati as one of its top ten of the summer. Bill Donabedian is the co-creator of the Midpoint Music Festival and the founder of Bunbury. WNKU's Sara Niccum asked why  2012 is the year for Bunbury, and why it has gained so much recognition in its first year.  Bunbury starts on July (Friday) 13th at Sawyer Point on the Cincinnati riverfront.