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Ed Sullivan.....Elvis in '56, followed by The Beatles 8 yrs later in '64 ( with many great, great rock 'n roll acts in between and afterwards) So there.  I go back that far. Those TV performances still ring they were yesterday. They made that much of an impact on me. Needless to say, since 1995, my Saturday morning WNKU program has been slanted with British invasion groups, peppered with Presley and pieces of 70's music that carried on that tradition. WNKU has given me the freedom to blend the above-mentioned with much of the wonderful acts creating music today. I hope you can make it a point to give it a try one of these Saturday mornings after 8 ...and for those who've already shared the time with me I sincerely hope you'll hang around. Saturday mornings on WNKU = the icing on my musical work week cake ~ O'D

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1:19 pm
Mon November 10, 2014

Audio Archive: Mieka Pauley & Roger Klug

Kenny Dunn

A little bit of magic took place in the studio during Brian O'd's show on Saturday, November 8th.  Mieka Pauley was joined by Cincinnati guitarist and songwriter, Roger Klug, for a live impromptu collaboration.  If you missed it, you'll want to check this out. 

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