Music from the Hills of Home

Sundays 6pm to 9pm
  • Hosted by Katie Laur, Oakley Scot, Bill Hensley, Vickie Hensley

Music from the Hills of Home began in November, 1989, with hosts Katie Laur and Buddy Griffin.  The show was intended as a bluegrass format with forays into other kinds of roots music -- its title, Music from the Hills of Home -- was meant to encompass many kinds of music which might have a "down-home" feel.  Wayne Clyburn joined Katie as co-host in late 1989, when Buddy left to join a musical group on the road.  For 25 years, Wayne volunteered his time to co-host with Katie each and every Sunday night.  In 2014, a new co-host took the chair across from Katie.  Oakley Scot has a long history with Music From the Hills of Home and was the only logical choice to inherit the job of mashing the buttons.   When Katie needs a day off, Bill & Vickie Hensley step in to take on hosting duties.   Join Katie & Oakley or Bill & Vickie from 6 to 9 every Sunday for the best in acoustic roots music. For more musings from Katie and Oakley Scot, check out the Klog: Notes from the Old Wood Burning Computer.

Funny how one word can yield not only familiar tunes, but so many overlooked -- nonetheless wonderful -- songs and recordings.  Tune in to Music From the Hills of Home on February 8th and 15th from 6p - 9p as we explore bluegrass songs with "heart" and "love". 

On Feb. 8th, its kind hearts, sweet hearts, broken hearts, and any and all other bluegrass songs with "heart" in the title.  On the 15th, its the Lovesick Lover's Longing with any and all bluegrass songs with "Love" in the title.

Trust us.  You're gonna love both these shows!  Cross my heart.