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Elementree Livity Project stopped by Studio B to perform live and talk about their CD release party and Bob Marley Birthday Celebration.

Well, they're not live now.  They were recorded live.  They performed live in the studio with Keegan on October 10th, and now you can listen to what they sounded like live, only it's recorded.  You know what we mean.

Yonder Mountain String Band In The Studio

May 4, 2012

In case you missed it, the incredible Yonder Mountain String Band visited WNKU's Studio. Gary Keegan was able to squeeze in the ever-popular question, "You got hit by a car..?" Keegan also got in some other great questions with this fun, music-loving group of people and not to mention hear some great tunes. 

Derek Trucks Pays WNKU a Special Visit

Apr 30, 2012

Derek Trucks stopped by for a special visit with Gary Keegan On Thursday April 26th.  Since the merge of the couple’s two bands, the album "Revelator" won its spot at number one on our Top 89 of 2011, voted every year by WNKU listeners. Though Derek was alone in WNKU’s studio, he sure is not alone on the brand new album.

Caroline Tompkins

Winners of the 2007 Cincinnati Entertainment Award for Best World Band, The Pinstripes don’t merely play Ska and Reggae — they inhabit the sound like it’s a ramshackle house that’s keeping them alive. Tight but never slick, fun but never goofy, intense but never serious, The Pinstripes (a hard-touring band with a hard-won following) combine Ska, Reggae, Dub and Soul to create something that’s genuinely lacking in a great deal of contemporary music: joy.