WNKU welcomes Pete Dressman and S.U.N. to Studio 89

Apr 10, 2012

WNKU welcomes local band, Pete Dressman and Soul Unified Nation to Studio 89 tonight at 7pm.

Tune in to listen live!

CityBeat's Brian Baker recently wrote, "From his teenage Punk beginnings in Fort Mitchell, Ky., and high school songwriting experience to his years balancing gigs with college and living out of his car, Dressman has been ruled by a duality of muses. There’s the Pearl Jam/Raconteurs/Black Keys/Wolfmother vibe that informed Vol. II, in addition to the acoustic Folk/Blues/Soul influences that have run through everything he’s done, electric or otherwise. But as far as inspirations for the subjects of his songs, Dressman finds the spark of songwriting within and beyond himself."