WNKU Sounding Better than Ever

Jan 7, 2013

In addition to making regular  investments in music, news gathering, customer service, and staff among other things, we at WNKU are committed to investing in our overall quality of sound - both over the air and online.

Most recently, we heard some grumbling from listeners about the quality of our online audio stream and rightfully so.  We had been operating at 64kbps for quite some time as we focused resources more on improving our  sound over the air with the addition of 105.9 and 104.1.  While there is still work to do in that area (we really need a new transmitter for 105.9), we were recently able to budget some funds to upgrade our audio stream from 64kpbs to 96kbps. 

Give it a listen!  We think you'll be pleased.  Just click on the MP3 or iTunes link on the right side of this page to stream.

Now, for you audiophiles out there, we know 96kbps is still not the very best quality.  But again, our primary focus remains on our broadcast signals.  The next step for the online stream will be 128kbps, and we'll get there soon enough with the support of our listeners and corporate sponsors.

In fact, if you're a regular listener online and haven't made a contribution to WNKU in a while, you can do so right now, and help get us that much closer to the next audio upgrade!  Thanks!