WNKU to Partner with Green Forests Work

Jun 12, 2014

Become a Sustaining Member of WNKU and plant one of thousands of trees on a former strip mine in Appalachia.

While fueling the energy needs of the nation, the practice of surface mining has removed over a million acres of native forests.  The removal of forests has serious negative impacts on the quality of life and health of the area.  Green Forests Work (GFW) has the expertise and ability to restore this vital resource to Appalachia, with our help.  GFW exists to re-establish healthy and productive forests on formerly mined lands in Appalachia.  It is a necessary and cost effective investment that benefits Appalachia and beyond. 

That's why WNKU has partnered with GFW to encourage your support of both public radio and reforestation. 

By becoming a Sustaining Member of WNKU, you will

  1. Provide a more reliable source of revenue for the station.
  2. Eliminate renewal notices, thereby saving paper and other station resources.
  3. Plant one of thousands of trees on a barren former strip mine site in Appalachia.

As a Sustaining Member, there's no need to renew every year.  There are no more renewal notices, and no more asking yourself, "did I give in the fall or the spring?" 

You simply decide how much WNKU is worth to you per month, and we'll charge that amount to your credit card on a monthly basis.

You'll still be able to choose a thank you gift once a year, and you'll be automatically entered into any sweepstakes.   

A WNKU Sustaining Membership is incredibly convenient for you, it provides more reliable revenue for music and programs you rely on from WNKU,  and now it helps the planet.  

For an example of what this partnership with Green Forests Work can do, here are pictures taken at the Starfire strip mine restoration site in Perry County, Kentucky over a period of twelve years:

Put your core values to work.  Become a Sustaining Member of WNKU today

Thank you.