WNKU Invests in Upgrades for 105.9 & 104.1

Feb 4, 2013

For listeners to 104.1 based in Portsmouth, OH and listeners to 105.9 located in Middletown, OH, WNKU has made an investment in our audio services.

We send our signal from WNKU's “world headquarters” located on the campus of Northern Kentucky University in Highland Heights, Ky to 105.9 and 104.1  via a satellite uplink. Always budget conscious, we were delivering the economy class audio at a sampling rate of 128Kbps (Kilobits per second) on a 200Hz (Hertz – a measure of audio) platform. 

Simply put, the sampling rate took 128,000 samples of our audio signal every second, sent it up to a satellite 22,500 miles up and another 22,500 miles back to downlinks (receivers) at 105.9 and 104.1. The 200Hz platform could be analogous to a quality 2 lane highway at 55 mph.

Now we’re sampling audio at 192Kbps or 192,000 samples per second on a bandwidth of 300Hz.  Simply put, many more slices will bring out more dynamic range and detail in the music as the audio rides the equivalent of the Interstate Highway system up from “HQ” and into the receivers in Portsmouth and Middletown.

While not first class, it’s certainly business class.  We trust you’ll enjoy the “ride.”