WNKU allows former Enquirer writer, Bill Thompson, to hang around and do stuff.

Apr 26, 2012

Yesterday, WNKU announced that it has no other choice but to accept the fact that former Cincinnati Enquirer copy editor and music writer Bill Thompson just won’t go away.

Thompson, who retired from the newspaper recently after more than 30 years, has written about many of WNKU's favorite artists over the years.  In doing so, he has earned a reputation as being that “long-haired guy in the hallway who claims to be a reporter.”

“At first, we had no idea what to do with him,” said Station Manager Chuck Miller.  “He helped with some light cleaning until our maintenance staff complained.  After a lot of fact checking, we realized Mr. Thompson was, as he claimed, a music writer for the Enquirer and a pretty good one at that.  So, we’ve decided to let him blog for us on our new website.”

“Bill’s great, but we’re certainly not going to pay him,” added WNKU’s Development Director, Aaron Sharpe. “Actually, as a longtime WNKU member, he pays us.”

Thompson, who is from Piqua, Ohio, where he can now listen to WNKU on 105.9 FM, is a longtime fan of the station.

"I truly believe that WNKU is the best radio station in the country, and I am so proud to join the people who love music as much as I do that I'm willing to work for free,” Thompson said.

"This is a great time to be a music fan in Greater Cincinnati, with the opening of new venues like the Ballroom at the Taft Theatre, and with the first Bunbury Festival coming in July. It's our goal to make WNKU.org not just the best place to listen to music, but also to read about it."

“In all seriousness,” adds Miller, “Bill has been an enthusiastic friend of the station.  His experience as a music journalist will offer WNKU additional depth both on-air and on-line.  But we’re still not paying him.”