Wednesday Premieres July 18th 2012

Jul 18, 2012

For this week’s Wednesday Premieres we are bringing you two new albums, equally unique.

First we admire the musical styling of American singer/songwriter Maia Sharp who brings her new album, Change the Ending, to stores on August 28th. The new record features guest vocals by The Rescue’s Adrianne Gonzales, Garrison Starr, Dawn Thomas and Bonnie Raitt.

Secondly we’ll preview Ben Taylor’s knew one, who is if you were wondering, indeed is the son of James Taylor- and it shows. He bares a striking resemblance to his father’s soft voice. Ben has always been one of WNKU’s pick, not because of his genes, but rather for his songs. They seem to stick with you all day, not in the annoying way, but more for the quality of the melodies, and of course that incredible voice. If you haven’t checked him out before- now is definitely the time. His new album, Listening, hits stores August 14th, 2012 but you can listen a little early tonight from 8PM to 10PM.