Vice President Biden talked Expanding Economic Opportunities during National Urban League Convention

Jul 25, 2014

In Cincinnati,Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden talked about the economy and employment.The Vice President made his remarks during the annual meeting of the National Urban League.

Within the conference theme of “One Nation Underemployed,” the Vice President spoke about the need for better job training and increased economic opportunities for all Americans.

The Vice President says there’s a reason for optimism when it comes to job creation. In his words “jobs are coming home.”

V.P. Biden: “Remember fellas when we used to hear the word most often in your cities, the word you most often heard, it was outsourcing. That was the word you heard most. A generation of Americans, the last 20 years have heard the word outsourcing. But guess what they’re hearing now, there’s a new word,for real,it’s insourcing. It’s insourcing and by the way it’s not hyperbole,we are now insourcing. Because again relative to the rest of the world we’re  better positioned than any other nation in the world.”

He says in order to maintain the momentum we have to modernize our infrastructure.

V.P. Biden: “We have to invest in infrastructure, highways,airports,railroads, canals. Because businesses locate where they have easy access to get materials to their facilities and where they can quickly and cheaply in the fastest manner get their product to the market.”

Biden quoted his late father who constantly told him and his siblings that a job is about more than a paycheck.

V.P.Biden: “It’s about your dignity, it’s about your place in your community, it’s about a sense of who you are. If there’s any audience in the country I could be speaking to understands that better I don’t know what it is because it seems to me  what y’ all are all about is at its root,this is all about dignity. It’s all about providing people with a sense of dignity.

Biden also praised the nation’s past and present civil rights leaders and criticized efforts he believes are focused on suppressing minority voting.