Tunes & Blooms tonight at the Cincinnati Zoo presented by WNKU

Apr 19, 2012

WNKU welcomes Shiny & the Spoon and The Tillers to Tunes & Blooms at the Cincinnati Zoo tonight at 6pm.  Admission is FREE!

Shiny and the Spoon portray the intimacy of Johnny Cash and June Carter, with head-turning vocals and a vibrant acoustic core, complimented by sprinklings of ukulele, guitar, harmonica, and good old-fashioned boot-stompin’.  Their debut and home-recorded EP earned nods from Cincinnati publications such as CityBeat and the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards, as well as the renowned UK webzine “Americana UK” who called it “an accomplished debut that does exactly what an EP should, makes you want more of the same.”   After launching their first full-length album "Ferris Wheel" to a packed house, the group continues to garner attention and fans with their genuine demeanor and honest and simple sound.

The Tillers got their start in August 2007 when the Cincinnati friends began thumping around with some banjos and guitars and a big wooden bass. Their earliest gigs were for coins and burritos on the city’s famous Ludlow Street in the district of Clifton.  The songs they picked were mostly older than their grandparents.  The punk influence gave their sound a distinctive bite, setting them apart from most other folk acts- a hard-driving percussive strum and stomp that brought new pulse and vinegar to some very old songs.  The Tillers have since won over Cincinnati’s bar and festival scene, and launching tours with tireless momentum. They were awarded CityBeat Magazine’s Cincinnati Entertainment Award for best Folk and Americana act in 2009. Their relentless gigging has taken them throughout the east coast, the Midwest, and the Appalachian south. In the summer of 2009, veteran NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw featured the Tillers on a documentary about US Route 50. Brokaw showcased the group’s song “There is Road (Route 50)” as a testimony to the highway’s role as a connective tissue of the nation.


The Tillers - There is a Road (Route 50) from Pete Ohs on Vimeo.


Shiny and The Spoon . Bread and Butter (music video) from Piñata Productions on Vimeo.