Support Music from the Hills of Home on WNKU

Sep 16, 2012

Anyone who listens to Katie & Wayne on Sunday nights knows the name, Pester Flatt, and many will know that Pester's favorite holiday is Mother's Day.  That's when the annual "O' Mother, Where Art Thou"  Festival takes place at the Flotsom County Fairgrounds. 

Well, now you can own a piece of this iconic (albeit, purely fictitious) event when you support "Music From the Hills of Home" on WNKU.  Anyone who pledges $25 or more between 6p and 9p tonight will receive a commemorative "O' Mother, Where Art Thou" festival poster.  This is in addition to any thank you gift you might choose!

So, support bluegrass music on WNKU and the hosts who bring it to you each and every week by making a pledge today.  You'll be glad you did.

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