Studio 89 to replay Hadden Sayers performance on March 5th

Feb 28, 2012

With NKU's electronic media students on spring break the first week of March, Studio 89 will take a one week hiatus.  That gives us the perfect opportunity to replay the first session of 2012 with Hadden Sayers. 

Hadden Sayers, is a blues guitarist who once ruled the Houston music scene until life began to imitate art.  After a series of business deals gone bad followed by the death of his drummer (and uncle) during a show, Hadden packed his bags and moved to Ohio with his wife, a cancer researcher.  He set aside the guitar for a few years, focusing instead on rebuilding an old fishing shack in southern Ohio.  It was at this time that he met a retired stone mason who helped him regain his confidence and resolve.  Around the same time, Ruthie Foster came calling in search of a guitarist.  Their duet “Back to the Blues” became the cornerstone of Sayers’ new album.  In 2010, Sayers spearheaded the creation of a new record label along with Midwest investors and music industry veterans.  Their first release, HARD DOLLAR by Hadden Sayers was released on June 21st, 2011.