Sheryl Crow: Surviving Life's 'Detours'

Dec 12, 2012

Bluesy rock-pop singer Sheryl Crow has an amazing track record, winning nine Grammy Awards and many other accolades, but her success didn't happen overnight. After receiving her college degree and teaching music, Crow attempted to release her first album in the early '90s, but her label rejected it. In 1993, Crow was finally able to release Tuesday Night Music Club, but the disc didn't receive much attention until a year later, when "All I Wanna Do" became a breakthrough smash.

Crow continued to release more albums, slowly shifting to darker and more political music. But after a tumultuous period in which she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Crow returns to a comfort zone early next year, when she releases the country-inspired album Detours.

This segment originally aired Dec. 14, 2007.

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