Scott Miller at WNKU

May 22, 2012

Scott Miller was kind enough to stop by WNKU's studio to play a few tunes. Though he left behind the rest of the Commonwealth, he managed to bring along a past member of the Commonwealth, Rayna Gellert. Miller and Gellert met at West Virginia's Mountain Stage last year, and have been friends and performing buddies ever since. Together they have a brand new EP entitled, "CoDEPENDENTS". It's a five-song collection of Miller's story-telling songwriting, polished with the talented musical abilities of Rayna Gellert.

WNKU's own John Patrick, could not get enough of this talented duo. They bonded over a few southern stories, and of course, shared some laughs. It's no secret that Miller's story-telling lyrics originate in his educational background in history. After the West Virginia shout- outs had concluded, Miller shared some stories about an old friend, and even some secrets behind his song, Amtrak Crescent.