Multiple Stages Set for Bunbury Music Festival

Jun 29, 2012

The inaugural Bunbury Music Festival takes place July 13th - 15th at Sawyer Point and Yeatman's Cove.  Bunbury is the brain child of entrepreneur, Bill Donabedian, who's credits include co-founding the Midpoint Music Festival and serving as Fountain Square's first VP of Event Production (so he knows a thing or two about putting on a good show). 

If Donabedian's street cred wasn't enough, he's also enlisted the help of Nederlander Entertainment to score some major headlining talent.  Friday night's headliner is truly THE juggernaut of alt-rock, Jane's Addiction.  On Saturday night, the Globoli Stage will feature Weezer, one of the founders of the "pop-hipster/hip-popster" movement (we just made that up).    The festival rounds out with one of modern indie music's biggest names, Death Cab for Cutie. 

But while the headliners have certainly established themselves firmly at the top of the indie/alt-rock food chain, one doesn't have to look very far down the list to find some of the hottest bands out there today.  In fact, one could argue some of the bands aren't getting the font size they deserve on the proverbial marquee.  Bands like Neon Trees, O.A.R., Gaslight Anthem, and Airborne Toxic Event have been getting the mainstream attention they deserve for a few years now.  GROUPLOVE (on the Landor Stage Saturday night) currently has one of the hottest songs in the country with "Tongue Tied".  Jump down another couple of font points and you'll find the Imagine Dragons.  Never heard of 'em?  Don't worry.  You will and soon.

WNKU has our own favorites.  We were one of the first stations in the country to play Death Cab for Cutie, so that's a no-brainer.  We've also been known to play some Jane's Addiction and O.A.R. here and there, but we have a few less obvious suggestions.  The following can all be heard on WNKU.


Scars on 45 - 12:00p, Globoli Stage

Ponderosa - 5:15p, Landor Stage

Henry Clay People - 5:15p, Bud Light Stage

Madi Diaz - 6:00p, CMC Stage (also in the studio Friday afternoon!)

Chappo - 7:00p, Landor Stage

Minus the Bear - 8:30p, Bud Light Stage

Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - 8:30p, Aliveone Stage (Dude, you MUST SEE these guys live!)


Alberta Cross - 1:30p, Globoli Stage

Greg Mahan - 1:30p, CMC Stage

Jukebox the Ghost - 3:00p, Globoli Stage

Messerly & Ewing - 3:45p, Bud Light Stage

The Sundresses - 3:45p, Aliveone Stage

Tracy Walker - 4:30p, CMC Stage

500 Miles to Memphis - 6:45p, Aliveone Stage


Nikki Lane - 1:30p, Landor Stage

Wussy - 3:00p, Landor Stage

Pomegranates - 3:00p, Aliveonestage

The Seedy Seeds - 4:30, Bud Light Stage

City & Colour - 5:15p, Globoli Stage

The Tillers - 5:15p, CMC Stage

Good Old War - 6:00p, Landor Stage

Will Hoge, 6:45p, CMC Stage

Guided by Voices - 7:45p, Landor Stage (ok, so they're a "no-brainer").

Those are just some suggestions based on what we've been playing over the years.  There's not a band on the line up we would tell you to not to see.  After all, these things are rather subjective are they not?  Personally, I never spend too much time planning what to see at a festival.  I find the best festival moments are the serendipitous ones.  You never know who you're next favorite artist will be, so keep an open mind and a loose schedule! 

Oh, and drink lots of water and wear plenty of sunscreen.