Midpoint Music Festival Kicks Off Thursday

Sep 25, 2013

The 2013 Midpoint Music Festival kicks off Thursday night and continues through Saturday with 185 bands performing on 16 stages throughout Over the Rhine and downtown Cincinnati.  There will be the better known bands headlining the bigger stages, of course.   The Head and the Heart, Grandfather Child, and Wussy - all bands you'll hear on WNKU - are playing the Main Stage at Washington Park.  

Another WNKU favorite, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, will perform on the Grammer's Stage on Saturday.  Meanwhile, back at the Main Stage, Dayton's The Breeders will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of their groundbreaking album, Last Splash.   But, let's not get ahead of ourselves.  The festival kicks off Thursday night with underground guitar legend, Shuggie Otis, playing the Main Stage at 8:45.  Shuggie is the kind of guy who would enjoy hanging out with Mr. Rhythm Man.

But what about the other 179 acts?  We'll just touch on a few favorites.  What you really need to do is head over to mpmf.com, browse the bands, sample as many as you can, and then make up your game plan.

Here are a few on our list to see...

Nashville's Modoc is boot-stomp rock at it's finest.  Fans of Jack White and early Kings of Leon will appreciate their raw, southern-tinged rock 'n roll.   They play the Midpoint Midway Stage on Friday at 8:30. 

You could call it Punk-a-billy Music.  The Defibulators hail from Brooklyn (doesn't everyone?) and started out playing twangy versions of Misfits and Black Flag songs.  That proved useful when it came to writing their own songs as you'll hear in this video for "Cackalacky".  They play Japp's Annex at 8:45 on Saturday.

We were first introduced to The Please Please Me when they played Studio 89 in the fall of 2012.  They like to beat on things, and they're quite good at it.  Add to that the fact that there is a cellist in the band, and you know it has be to interesting at the very least.  They'll be at Japp's Annex on Friday at 11:15pm.

We could go and on, but it's really best that you head over to mpmf.com and browse the bands for yourself.  Take some time, do a little listening, do a little planning, and then set your schedule for three days of live music bliss.

Be sure to stop by the WNKU booth at the Midpoint Midway to say hello, grab some swag, and register to win something cool (we don't know what, yet, but we promise it'll be cool).  See you there!