Enter The Haggis in Studio 89 on September 23rd

Sep 17, 2013

Enter the Haggis is a Canadian Indie/Folk Rock world-fusion band based in Toronto, Canada. Comprised of members Brian Buchanan, Craig Downie, Trevor Lewington, Mark Abraham and Bruce McCarthy, ETH has been playing and recording since 1996. Their latest studio album, The Modest Revolution, is the band's tenth album.

Inspired by John Lennon's "A Day In The Life" and Bono's "Sunday Bloody Sunday", ETH sought to create an entire album based off of the tragedies, accomplishments, inhumanities and eccentricities contained in one day of one newspaper.

The newspaper was the March 30, 2012, issue of The Globe and Mail, and the album that transpired is called The Modest Revolution, a name taken from the front page headline. The date March 30, 2012, was chosen at random but the band was committed after pre-ordering 1500 copies of the issue. Those newspapers were then delivered to their fans with copies of the new album.

Committing to a specific future day in history as the sole inspiration for an album's worth of music was an initial source of anxiety - what if nothing interesting happens? As fate would have it, the focus of that newspaper was The Globe and Mail's analysis of the Canadian federal budget, which had just been passed. Initially, the band was shaken by the dryness of fiscal policy analysis, but true to life, at the heart of every story there was human interest - elements of love and loss.

Using just this one periodical ETH found inspiration everywhere. The obituaries spawned two of the twelve songs on the album. One was about the passing of the famous banjo player, Earl Scruggs (Down the Line) and the other about a woman named Cheryl (Footnote). Even the sports section was fair game. Blackout was written based on an article about concussions in hockey that also dug into The Toronto Maple Leafs for their lousy record that season.

Instrumentally, Downie and Buchanan paint different sonic strokes on each song, sharing over fifteen instruments between them - fiddle, trumpet, banjo, bells, and bagpipes to name a few. The Modest Revolution's own saga extends beyond its unique inspiration.