Ellery play Studio 89 on November 19th

Nov 14, 2012

Ellery is husband‐wife band Tasha and Justin Golden, who went from friends to engaged in 4 fast days. That was over 8 years ago, and their music reflects the kind of emotional sensitivity & confidence that would turn a moment of spontaneity into some kind of indie‐rock fairytale.

“It’s not like we don’t have problems,” laughs Tasha, “but that moment definitely set the tone for us.  When you’re honest about who you are and you speak up about it, you can connect quickly and solidly. That’s what we’ve always gone for in our songs. It’s what we’re always hoping for at our shows.”

The duo, known for their acoustic lush‐pop, has garnered awards and acclaim since their debut in 2006. Honing their sound through extensive touring, the band has shared the stage with luminaries Hem, Vienna Teng, Teddy Thompson, Over the Rhine and Dar Williams. A win at 2007’s NewSong International Songwriting Contest, a PBS concert event (aired in 40+ markets) and multiple latter round placements in Paste Magazine’s Cayamo Cruise Contest highlight the band’s many achievements.

Ellery is known for their hooky, emotional style, as well as for their endearing approachability both on‐stage and off.