Election 2012

Nov 5, 2012

WNKU has partnered with the Associated Press to bring you this one-stop election destination. You’ll get a daily race rundown, read bios of presidential candidates, discover where they stand on the issues, learn how much money they’ve raised, and see how their campaign ads stand up to fact-checkers.   There's an even one of those cool interactive electoral vote maps that allows you to create different scenarios just like the pundits. (Sorry.  It's not touch screen.)


  • Interactive Electoral Vote Map - Use this interactive map to learn about more about each state and their voting history and create hypothetical electoral scenarios for the presidential candidates.
  • AP Race Rundown - Here you'll find the most up-to-date election news.
  • Candidate Tracker - Get the latest news on the candidates as they head into the home stretch.
  • Campaign Ad Watch - Don't just watch the ads.  Study them side by side.  Learn who's paying for them and get the facts.
  • Campaign Finance - See who's raising what and how the money is being spent.  There's all kinds of interesting information to be found in this fascinating web module.