Earth Calendar for September 10th and September 11th

Sep 10, 2012

In 2011, the United States saw a record 14 weather and climate disasters that caused one billion dollars or more in damages – from flooding in the Upper Midwest to tornadoes in the Southeast and wildfires in the West. And 2012 has been no stranger to extreme weather and climate conditions either, with massive wildfires, extreme heat, drought and recent flooding impacts from Hurricane Isaac.  September is National Preparedness Month – the perfect time to make sure you have the supplies and information you need to stay safe if a natural disaster or other emergency occurs in your area. Find out what kinds of natural and man-made disasters may occur in your area. Know how you will be notified of an emergency in your community (TV or radio broadcasts, sirens, telephone calls, etc.), and learn about emergency plans established by your state or local government. All family members should know how you will contact one another, how you will get back together and what you will do in different emergency situations. Find out if workplaces, daycares and schools have emergency plans. Keep an emergency supply kit at home that will cover the basics of survival: food, fresh water, clean air and warmth. Remember that additional planning and supplies may be required for infants and young children, seniors, people with disabilities or special needs and don’t forget about your pets. More information at

On Our Calendar:   Cincinnati Nature Center will be unveiling their new Mashburn Discovery Trail at the vine cutting ceremony on Saturday, September 15th at 11:00 am. The new Discovery Trail consists of 12 interpretive exhibits along the one mile trail that will enhance the visitor’s knowledge of our natural history, habitats, and natural environment. Exhibits will include subjects such as tree identification, amphibian life-cycles, and pond discovery. In addition the exhibits will take you back in time to the pioneer days and give you a history of the CNC land. The easy eco-friendly semi-permeable path will welcome families with strollers, seniors, people with disabilities and new CNC visitors who would like an introduction to Cincinnati Nature Center.  The Mashburn Discovery Trail provides easy access for everyone to enjoy and the interpretive exhibits deliver educational messages by using your senses and the native habitats surrounding you. More information at 

On Our Calendar: