Earth Calendar for October 31st and November 1st

Oct 31, 2012

Extreme heat and drought over the summer took their toll on many food crops – but there is an abundance of pumpkins in many places for the fall season.

Why? Pumpkins are one of few crops that do well during drought conditions. Lack of rain in many places this year actually protected the pumpkins from rot and mildews that thrive with too much moisture.  Pumpkin farmers were able to better control how much water their pumpkin crops received with irrigation, leading to a good crop yield.  If you are carving or cooking this year, put the whole pumpkin to use!  If you don’t eat the seeds yourself, spread them outside as a snack for birds and squirrels.  And, instead of weighing down your trash bags and sending past-their-prime pumpkins to the landfill, put them to use in your garden.  Pumpkins can be added to compost piles, where they will decompose and add nutrients to your compost.  

On our calendar:  Owl Prowl at Sycamore Park.
Take a walk in the dark at Clermont County’s Sycamore Park to look and listen for Eastern Screech Owls, the smallest of the area’s native owls. The hike will stay on the paved trail, so younger children and strollers are welcome. Meet at the information kiosk Friday, November 9th, 6:30 pm.  For information call (513) 732-2977.