Earth Calendar October 24th and October 25th

Oct 24, 2012

Save water and promote healthy trees with a quick sprinkle of wood chips, sawdust or other mulch material.  Mulch is a thin layer of ground bark, compost, sawdust, grass clippings and leaves placed on soil.  It cools the earth below and holds in moisture, decreasing the amount of watering you have to do (typically hundreds of gallons a year).  Mulch helps protect tree roots, and the organic variety provides valuable fertilizer as they break down over time.  They also cut down in the number of weeds that can compete with your trees, meaning you don’t have to use chemicals.  The few weeds that do sprout can be pulled easier from mulch than from surrounding soil.  Some gardening experts recommend spreading mulch at least 3 to 4 inches thick around trees, but make sure it is spaced several inches away from the trunks, to discourage rodents and rot.  Replenish mulch annually as needed.  The right or best way to mulch depends on your climate and the part of the yard you are using it in.  Experiment to find out what mulch you and your plants prefer.

On Our Calendar:  Hamilton County Parks present Wildlife Watch, Friday, October 6th, 6:30 pm at Miami Whitewater Forest Visitor Center.  This quiet wildlife watch takes place in a special place during a very active time in nature. Free and open to the public.  More information available Hamilton County Parks' webtsite.