Earth Calendar for October 19th and October 20th

Oct 19, 2012

It’s coming and it cannot be stopped.  It’s wrath can be devastating to our homes.  The cost to repair the damage can destroy our household budgets and there is nothing we can do about it.  It hits us every year about this time-winter.  Winter is one of the harshest times of the year, not just for us but also for the environment as our energy consumption and our pollution increases as we struggle to keep warm and light our homes in the colder, dark months.  But we can do a lot to reduce the pressure on the environment during this time of year as well as helping to save money and ensure you are just as warm and cozy when the cold nights draw in.  One of the most fundamental things we can do to save money and keep warm is to ensure our homes are properly insulated.  Insulation, even installed by a professional is not expensive and will pay for itself in relatively short order.  Drafts from disused chimneys, badly fitting doors and even mailboxes are gaping holes where air can escape and the cold drafts creep in.  Radiator panels are a low cost method of saving huge chunks of money and reducing your carbon footprint.  They are a great way to reflect lost heat from a radiator that is soaked up on the back wall.  Radiator panels reflect the heat back into the room, increasing the output of the radiator by up to a third.  This allows you to turn the thermostat down, which can save a great deal on fuel bills.  A good way to make sure you are ready for winter is to take a good look around your house.  If you see something that is not quite right, like a few missing roof shingles or a loose piece of siding, put it on the priority list.  Small problems now can become huge issues later if they are forced through the grinding of winter weather. 

On Our Calendar:  Granny’s Garden School, Inc.

550 Loveland-Madeira Road, Loveland, Ohio  45140

School Garden Developer and Educator Training Workshop:

Planning and Preparing for Next Spring

Saturday, November 3rd, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Registration deadline: October 28th

This workshop is for you if:

·     You are thinking about starting a school garden next spring

·     You are a teacher and want to learn how to use a garden as a teaching tool.

·     You are a volunteer and would like to learn how to lead a class in the gardens.

·     You started a school garden at your school and are looking to network with others.

·     You are in your first season of starting a school garden program and now know all of the questions you should have asked earlier.

·     You would like to learn how to use our lesson plans and garden calendar to create a program that works for your school.

More information - to register