Earth Calendar for November 7th and November 8th

Nov 7, 2012

While superstorm Sandy sent most people running for shelter wherever they could find it, bird enthusiasts rushed outdoors as soon as possible to scan the skies for birds that usually don't visit their neighborhoods.

A powerful storm can take birds far from home or thousands of miles off their migratory course if they are swept up in the center of a storm and carried along until they reach the first spot where it is safe to land. To greet them, there are often groups of intrepid bird watchers, or birders, eager to spot extremely rare out-of-town visitors. Because the storm that ravaged the U.S. Northeast combined a hurricane from the south and winter winds from the north, it brought in a more peculiar group of birds than usual when it made landfall in New Jersey. The storm mixed species groups you don't usually see together. One birder discovered a Red-billed Tropicbird in New Jersey - more typically seen in the Caribbean. Near Ithaca in Upstate New York, a birder spotted an arctic bird, the Ross's Gull, while another reported a sighting of the same bird near Lake Ontario, Canada. Several Manhattan birders headed to the banks of the Hudson River. They were delighted to catch sight of Jaegers, which are typically only found out at sea.  Birders were quick to say that they were very upset by the devastation caused by Sandy, which killed scores of people, ruined homes and left many without power. But they also view dangerous storms as an opportunity.

On Our Calendar: The Fernald Community Alliance will be cleaning up the road near the Fernald Preserve 7400 Willey Road in Crosby Twp. (Northwestern Hamilton Co.) on Saturday November 10th and volunteers are needed.  Meet at the Fernald Preserve at 8:30 A.M. for a safety briefing and road assignments. The volunteer crew will be helping with the cleanup along Paddy's Run Road which runs along the Fernald Preserve's western boundary. Be sure to dress for the weather and wear sturdy shoes.  The work will be completed by noon. Trash bags, gloves, and safety vests will be provided. For directions and questions call 513-348-0213 or visit The Fernald Community Alliance website.