Earth Calendar for November 21st & November 22nd

Nov 21, 2012

  Cincinnati State, which already has a reputation for things green, is launching another environmental initiative on its main campus – with a little help from the Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District.  

The College has launched a major composting/recycling program, with an initial focus on its culinary operations.  The cafeteria and teaching kitchens produce a significant amount of food scraps and the College produces more than 150 tons of food waste a year, much of which could be composted rather than sent to a landfill.  After studying the campus’ operations and reviewing an application from the college, the Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District approved a $21,000, one-time grant, earmarked primarily for the purchase of containers and other equipment needed to implement a comprehensive composting/recycling program.  Using the district’s Priority Grant and the college’s own funds, Cincinnati State has launched a program that features composting, recycling and a recently-installed system that simplifies the process for removing used cooking oil from kitchens.  Soon, an education and marketing campaign will be added to help students, faculty and staff better understand what’s what.   Cincinnati State recently signed a three-year contract that will allow the College to buy more types of compostable products and make them consistently available. The new composting/recycling initiative complements the College’s long-standing commitment to green education and practice.

On Our Calendar:  We all think about turkeys during this season, so why not meet a live turkey and learn how they live in the woods and fields surrounding Highfield Discovery Garden. We’ll also look at some Thanksgiving customs as well Friday, November 23rd, 10:45 AM.  Information at