Earth Calendar for November 19th and November 20th

Nov 19, 2012

We’ve all heard the saying “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.”

Farmers who suffered through one of the worst droughts in United States history this past year might think the saying refers to water. Even though it covers 70 percent of the globe, water is a scarce resource that can be locked away for thousands of years before evaporating into our atmosphere. And even then, it only stays in the atmosphere for several days before raining back down to Earth. So, conceivably, the water we are drinking today may have evaporated from somewhere half-way around the world where it had been stuck for thousands of years!  We can calculate our own water footprint to discover how much water we use, and how much water is used to create the products we need every day by visiting Then, use the WaterSense calculator to find out how much water, energy and money we can save by installing water-efficient fixtures in your home. Visit

On Our Calendar: Parents, grandparents, and other adults are invited to join a Play Facilitator inside the Rowe Woods Nature Playscape for a one-hour intensive class on how to best utilize the Playscape and the natural elements. Participants will learn why kids need to play in nature for healthy development and what can be done to encourage their own children to get outdoors and explore.  November 24th,  1:00 PM.  Information and registration at