Earth Calendar for November 12th and November 13th

Nov 12, 2012

The Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District is encouraging Hamilton County residents to recycle this fall. 

Recycling not only keeps material out of landfills, but it also conserves energy, saves natural resources and creates jobs. The materials that you recycle are turned into more paper products, new aluminum cans, packaging, insulation and even carpeting. It’s good for the environment, the economy and our entire community!  When gathering all the acceptable recyclables from your home, there is no need to sort items or collect them in a plastic bag. Simply put your recyclables into your bin/cart and take it out to your collection spot.

The following items are accepted in curbside and drop-off recycling programs:

· plastic bottles and jugs (lids are OK if left on empty bottle)

· glass bottles and jars

· aluminum and steel cans

· empty aerosol cans (remove tips)

· newspapers, magazines, phone books

· brown paper grocery bags

· junk mail, office paper and envelopes

· cardboard and paperboard (i.e., cereal boxes)

· clean pizza boxes

This is one thing we can all do to help our community. To learn more about what you can recycle and download your free Recycling Guide visit the website

or call the Recycling Hotline at 946-7766.

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