Earth Calendar for May 7th and 8th

May 7, 2012

The United States has one of the safest public drinking water systems in the world. Tap water not only provides water for daily activities such as drinking, bathing and cooking, it also benefits the entire community by providing water to serve businesses, school and hospitals and promoting overall health. May 6th - 12th is Drinking Water Week, an annual observance whose theme this year, "Water: Celebrate the Essential", will underscore the many services provided by public drinking water in the United States. New challenges to the US water supply include an again water infrastructure, the impact of climate change on water supply and quality, chemical contaminants, emerging pathogens and the development of new ways to obtain and use water. Safe drinking water depends on all of us and we all depend upon it. We can do our part by being informed, observant, involved and protective. For mor information, visit the American Water Works Association's website.

On Our Calendar
Do you love watching birds? Do you wish you could identify some of the birds that live near you? If so, meet at Burnet Woods and learn some of the basic birding techniques that will help you become a better birder. Learn the lingo and discover the best habitats to find our feathered friends at the Trailside Nature Center on May 12th at 9:00 am. For more information, call (513) 751-3679.