Earth Calendar for May 31st and June 1st

May 31, 2013


On Saturday, June 8th, 8:00 AM-Noon, the magazine, Field & Stream, will join Little Miami River Kleeners, and local volunteers in a one-day, hands-on outdoor conservation project to aid the group’s efforts to improve habitat on the Little Miami River, as part of the magazine’s Hero for a Day program.

 Now in its third year, Field & Stream’s Hero for a Day program works to connect volunteers with conservation workdays across the country and raise awareness of local conservation group’s efforts. The projects serve as a unique opportunity for residents to take action in sustaining and protecting fish and wildlife habitat in their area. The Little Miami River, the first National and State Scenic River in the U.S., spans five counties and is 105 miles, flowing through several natural areas that highlight Ohio's geologic, botanic, and cultural heritage emptying into the Ohio River at Cincinnati. It is home to 87 species of fish including catfish and smallmouth bass, 36 species of mussels and numerous species of turtles, frogs and birds and it supplies water to many communities. It stands as an example of how rivers can be helped to thrive again with attention from anglers and the surrounding community—more than 50 percent of its banks have been returned to forest over the past 45 years. With the help of the Little Miami River Kleeners, a non-profit, volunteer organization, this expansive community has shown its support and pride for their river’s health. Over the past several years, hundreds of volunteers have removed tons of trash which had been accidentally or deliberately dumped into the waters of the Little Miami. At the June 8th Hero for a Day event, more than 150 volunteers are expected to return this year which will take place on land and by canoe over 18 miles, from Clifton Reserve in Clark County to River’s Edge Canoe Livery in northern Warren County. The Hero for a Day program lets Field & Stream readers invest in their passion for hunting and fishing by helping to restore and protect fish and wildlife habitat. It’s a great opportunity to meet some of the nation’s most passionate conservationists, reconnect with the outdoors, roll up your roll up your sleeves and make a big difference in your community, all with just a single day’s work. To join the Little Miami River Kleeners' bank-to-bank clean-up in Clark and Greene Counties on Saturday, June 8, 2013 (rain or shine), 8:00 AM – Noon, visit the website to register or meet at Bellbrock Park, 57 North Main Street, Bellbrook, OH.



On Our Calendar: The Bethel Asian Longhorned Beetle Citizen’s Cooperative is holding a town hall meeting June 4th, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM at the Grant Memorial Building, State Route 125 & Main, Bethel Ohio. Discussions will include the USDA’s cutting of non-infested trees, the beginning of chemical treatments, your right to say "No" to cutting or treatment of your non-infested trees and answers to your questions. For more information, please visit the website