Earth Calendar for May 25th and 26th

May 25, 2012

The US Environmental Protection Agency is launching a new design competition called the Campus RainWorks Challenge to encourage student teams on college and university campuses across the country to develop innovative approaches to stormwater management. The competition will help raise awareness of green design and planning approaches and help train the next generation of landscape architects, planners and engineers in green infrastructure, principles and design. Registration opens September 4th and entries must be submitted by December 14th, 2012 for consideration. Winning teams will earn cash prizes as well as funds for their faculty advisor to conduct research on green infrastructure. For more information, visit the Campus RainWroks Challenge website.

On Our Calendar
Are you worried your garden will fade under the summer sun? Mid-season gardens don't have to look drab. Prepare your garden for the heat of summer and learn about plants and techniques that will keep your greaden gorgeous through fall. The Civic Garden Center is hosting "Hot Color for Hot Weather" on June 6th from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm. To register, call (513) 221-0981 extension 18.