Earth Calendar for May 23rd and 24th

May 23, 2014

The U.S. Geological Survey has released a set of maps depicting the distribution of selected chemical elements and minerals in soils across the country.  Understanding the composition of soil is important for a variety of reasons. 

Specialists in agriculture and food safety find soil data useful because soil is the source of most biologically active trace elements that reach humans through the food chain. Public health specialists need to understand soil pathways for human exposure to potentially toxic elements. Regulators and resource managers use soil data to identify contamination, assess the risks to ecosystems and human health from contamination, and to set remediation goals.
Soils play a key role for the Earth’s life support system in a number of ways such as determining human health and ecosystem integrity. They are required for supporting food production and needed for water storage and groundwater recharge.
The data and maps are not designed to provide detailed soil information about what might be in your backyard. Rather they put your backyard into a national context so you can know the general range of element concentrations that are in soils from your part of the country.
The results of this new effort provide the most precise estimate of the geochemical variability of the nation’s soils that has ever been available and open the door for to future research about a valuable natural resource.
Learn more about the Geochemical and Mineralogical Maps online.


On Our Calendar: May 24th, noon -5:00 pm, enjoy everything LOCAL with Grailville's Local Fest!  Local Fest, in partnership with Turner Farm, is a festival inspired day that will feature over 70 local artisans, local food producers and local business vendors. Enjoy a day spent recognizing the green grass in our backyards and celebrating the community we live in! Some participants for the day include: Bones Burgers, Mad Tree Brewing, music from Comet Bluegrass All Stars, Gorman Heritage Farm, Granny's Garden, Turner Farm and many more. More information online.