Earth Calendar for March 7th and 8th

Mar 7, 2012

Birds can't see glass and don't understand architectural cues, such as window frames, mullions, and handles, that alert people to the hazard. Experts estimate that up to one billion birds die each year from resulting collisions. A new translucent adhesive tape, which tests show can significantly reduce bird collisions with glass windows and doors is now available to the public and is being sold by the American Bird Conservancy. ABC has also produced Bird-Friendly Building Design, a unique publication that provides planners, architects, designers, bird advocates, local authorities and the general public, with a clear understanding of the nature and magnitude of the threat glass poses to birds and solutions to eliminate this threat.

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Kids love summer, but sometimes they get flat out bored. Keep them active, healthy, and focused in a Summer Day Camp! Beginning in June, children ages 4 - 17 will have opportunities to explore nature through hands-on activities, hikes, games and much more. For a full list of summer day camps, including dates, locations, age ranges, costs and online registration deadlines, visit the Great Parks website or call (513) 521-7275 ext. 240.