Earth Calendar for March 25th and March 26th

Mar 25, 2013

Staff members at Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge in Madison, Indiana are beginning work on a Comprehensive Conservation Plan.

 This plan will direct management of the refuge over the next 15 years, and public involvement is an essential part of the planning process. The first step in the two-year planning process is to ask groups and individuals interested in the refuge’s future, for comments on issues and opportunities the refuge will encounter over the next 15 years. This initial public scoping period, March 25th through April 26th, is a time in which refuge actively solicits comments from partners, stakeholders, local communities, neighbors, visitors, and the public. During this time, refuge staff will host three open houses to provide information about the Comprehensive Conservation Plan process and to provide the public with opportunities to share information and thoughts about the refuge. Anyone interested in the refuge’s future is encouraged to submit comments on issues that they feel should be considered in planning. Comments can be submitted in person, through the U.S. mail, or via e-mail. Contact information and updates on the planning process for Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge can be found on the planning website.

Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge was established in June 2000 as an overlay refuge on the U.S. Army’s former Jefferson Proving Ground in southeastern Indiana. The refuge encompasses approximately 51,000 acres of forest, shrubland, grassland, and wetland habitats in a post-glacial landscape.

On Our Calendar:  The Hamilton County Park District presents Ohio’s Endangered Wildlife, a self-guided exhibit that will introduce you to some of the endangered species that call Ohio home. You can learn what makes these animals special and how you can help them. Saturday, March 30th, 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm at Miami Whitewater Forest. More information at