Earth Calendar for March 24th and March 25th

Mar 24, 2014

Through a new partnership between the City of Cincinnati and the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance, City of Cincinnati residents can receive up to $750 for energy efficiency improvements they make to their primary residence. 

In order to obtain the incentive, homeowners must first have a Home Energy Assessment performed by an Energy Alliance participating contractor. The assessment helps homeowners understand how improvements throughout their home can work together to save energy and increase comfort.  Once the homeowner decides what improvements they would like to install, they can work with an Energy Alliance participating contractor to complete the project. Homeowners can receive incentives home improvements including Insulation, Health and Safety, Duct Sealing, HVAC, Windows and Doors, Water Heaters, Appliances and Lighting.  The total Upgrade Incentive is $750.00 and there is a $1,000 minimum project size in order to qualify for City of Cincinnati incentives.
The Energy Alliance was founded with the support of local foundations and governments, to reduce the barriers to investment in energy efficiency and promote energy efficiency improvements the community, saving consumers money, creating green jobs, and improving the environment.  Contact the Energy Alliance at (513) 621-4232 or visit the website

On Our Calendar: Triple Divide is said to be the only documentary of its kind on the controversial subject of fracking, capable of speaking to all sides, with exclusive interviews from the industry, experts and Americans suffering in the wake of shale gas development. A free screening of Triple Divide will be presented at the Esquire Theater, Thursday, March 27th, 7:30 PM.  Following the movie, a short discussion with State Representative Denise Driehaus and Food & Water Watch organizer Alison Auciello.  More information and registration at the website.