Earth Calendar for March 16th and 17th

Mar 16, 2012

The United Nations designates every March 22nd as World Water Day, the day of the year to spotlight the global safe water and sanitation issue and the collective efforts underway to get solutions to those struggling and in need. Today much of the world faces a global safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene crisis. In contrast to easy access to fresh water in the United States, one out of every eight people worldwide lack safe drinking water and two out of every five people worldwide lack adequate sanitation. A coalition of diverse US-based groups is calling for increased commitments by the US government and private citizens to reduce poverty, disease and hunger by helping to improve sustainable access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation for many millions around the world.

On Our Calendar
Long-term Butterfly Monitoring 2012 begins April 1st at Clermont County Parks. Volunteers are needed to walk the monitoring route weekly. No experience or prior knowledge is necessary! For more information email or call (513) 732-2977.