Earth Calendar for June 6th and June 7th

Jun 6, 2014

The Nature Conservancy in Ohio has worked with partners to protect more than 60,000 acres of our state’s natural heritage. These lands and waters are located throughout the state and comprise some of our most important and beloved natural areas. 

Great Egret Marsh is a 150-acre preserve named after the brilliantly white, three-foot-tall bird that commonly feeds there. An easy, 1.2-mile loop trail guides visitors through the marsh and surrounding upland. The preserve is part of is a part of the West Harbor Basin—a long, narrow pool of water that is directly connected to Lake Erie.
Morgan Swamp Preserve is home to swamps, bogs and vernal pools. The plants and animals that call it home range from the beautiful white calla lily to the tiny four-toed salamander. Three-and-a-half miles of trails allow you to explore the property, hike and view wildlife.
And the 16,000-acre Edge of Appalachia Preserve protects extensive stands of eastern deciduous forest, patches of dry limestone prairie, rocky gorges, dramatic rocky promontories and lush floodplain forests along Ohio Brush Creek. Nearly ten miles of easy to moderate trails make the preserves a great place for hiking, birding and other wildlife viewing. Find out more about what you will see at Ohio’s open preserves and how to get there by visiting the website.


On Our Calendar: If you are you an adoptive parent of a dog from the Clermont County Animal Shelter, you are invited to bring the entire family to the first ever shelter reunion, hosted by the Clermont County Humane Society. Participate in the games, prizes, snacks, music and so much more. The reunion will be held on 22nd from 2:00 pm-6:00 pm at WagsPark, 380 Church St., Newtown. For more information about this event, contact the Clermont County Animal Shelter at 513-732-8854 or visit the website.