Earth Calendar for June 28th and June 29th

Jun 28, 2013

Container glass, including things like beer bottles, pickle jars, and our other favorite consumables—can be recycled an infinite number of times but it is a tough material to handle, both from the collection and processing standpoint. 

Collection challenges arise mostly because glass is heavy, plus it can pose a danger to people and equipment when it breaks. Processing container glass so that it becomes useful material for making more bottles or producing fiberglass insulation is an exacting process and takes some know-how and special equipment.  Glass makes up as much as 15 to 20 percent of the residential recycling stream and for some specific commercial operations, like bars and restaurants, it can be the majority of what goes out the back door.   Get your glass out of the waste stream and into the manufacturing loop by calling the Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District at 513-946-7766 (or your local solid waste district) to learn about recycling options at work or home.



On our Calendar: Did you know butterflies can be picky eaters? Did you also know that these marvelously delicate creatures may have their own GPS? Take a walk with a park naturalist to find these colorful masters of flight Sunday, June 30th 2:00 pm, at Winton Woods. For more information please visit the website