Earth Calendar for June 23rd and June 24th

Jun 23, 2014

Summer is the season to be outside. Warm weather compels us to run, swim, hike and ride, and the long hours of sunlight provide ample time to enjoy this most active of seasons. Summer is also prime time for thunderstorms, which produce lightning, among other potentially dangerous hazards. 

June 22nd through June 28th is Lightning Safety Awareness Week! Lightning occurs in all thunderstorms and it is estimated that over 100,000 thunderstorms occur each year in the United States.
In 2013, lightning accounted for 23 deaths in the U.S. That number can be reduced by knowing how to avoid lightning and what to do if you are stuck outside during a thunderstorm.  Pay attention to the forecast. When thunderstorm development is expected, meteorologists often issue a statement early in the day about when the chance for thunderstorms is highest. If your area has a high potential for thunderstorms, make plans to be inside during that time. Lightning can strike up to 10 miles away from a thunderstorm. If you must be outdoors, avoid activities that increase the risk of being struck by lightning, such as mountaintop hiking, swimming at beaches and outdoor pools, golfing and playing other sports in open fields.
If you are caught outside during a thunderstorm and cannot reach a safe, indoor location, avoid open fields and the tops of hills or ridge tops. Stay away from tall, isolated trees and other tall objects. Stay away from water, wet items and metal objects like fences.
Learn more about lightning development, safety, and science at NOAA’s Lightning Safety webpage.

On Our Calendar: Join the Clermont County Parks naturalist while exploring the fascinating world of fireflies. Discover how and why these small beetles flash during early summer evenings. The group will search the park for these illuminating insects that have captured the curiosity of generations of children. Meet at the Sycamore Park picnic shelter and bring a jar or container to catch bugs in. All lightning bugs will be released after the program.  More information at the website.