Earth Calendar for June 18th and June 19th

Jun 18, 2012


The Environmental Protection Agency has made it possible for you to take their local air quality apps with you on your smartphone: The AirNow app gives location-specific current air quality information to use to protect your health when planning daily activities and the Ultraviolet (UV) Index app provides daily and hourly forecast of the UV radiation levels from the sun so you can better prevent overexposure to the sun. The AIRNow mobile application provides you real-time air quality information that you can use to protect your health when planning your day.  You can get location-specific reports on current air quality and air quality forecasts for both ozone and fine particle pollution (PM2.5). Air quality maps from the AIRNow website provide visual depictions of current and forecast air quality nationwide, and a page on air quality-related health effects explains what actions people can take to protect their health at different AQI levels, such as "code orange."  The U.S. EPA, NOAA, NPS, tribal, state, and local agencies developed the AIRNow website to provide the public with easy access to national air quality information and real-time AQI.   On Our Calendar:  Kid's Expo at Coney Island is free and open to the public.  Over 4,000 children are expected to participate in this year’s day of fun, excitement and learning events making this the largest outdoor water safety and environmental education program for kids in the Midwest.  The Kids Outdoor Adventure Expo is a unique opportunity to spark the interest of children in the world of nature while enhancing their academic achievement in science, technology, math and engineering.  Through exhibits, presentations and hands-on activities, the event is designed to engage, educate and entertain while helping children learn what they can do to protect the environment.  Coney Island June 21st.   For more information visit their website