Earth Calendar for July 4th and July 5th

Jul 4, 2012

Dry cleaners across the country are working to recycle 25 million hangers, enough steel to equal six Statues of Liberty.   In addition to her 125 tons of steel, Lady Liberty also contains 31 tons of copper and her base is made of 27,000 tons of concrete. The program was launched in January with the intention of keeping 10 million hangers out of landfills this year. Cleaners volunteered to take in used hangers from customers, reusing those that could be and sending others to a metal recycler. By April, the 10 million goal had been reached. By mid-June the total was up to 13.6 million.  Participating cleaners offer an estimated pledge of the number of hangers they will keep from the landfills, then they track the actual number of hangers and the scrap by weight.  The Dry Cleaning & Laundry Institute launched the recycling effort on January 2nd. So far, dry cleaners participating in the program hail from 44 states, one U.S. territory and four other nations. When you return your hangers to the dry cleaners you are keeping them out of landfills.  A hanger reaching a landfill takes 100 years to break down. A list of all participating cleaners by state with contact information is provided at provided at the DLI website.

On our Calendar.  Kenton County Parks & Recreation are looking for Lunch Partners for Wild Wednesdays! It's an easy and affordable way to have your business name associated positively with Kenton County Parks & Recreation and do a tremendous good by footing the bill for lunch following one or more Wild Wednesdays! nature programs. If you’d like to learn more call (859) 525-PLAY (7529)